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Our app is simple yet effective for organizers and attendees alike.


Organizers can always rely on us to provide world class support throughout an event's lifecycle.


We will never disclose your and your audiences personal data with anybody.

Buying ticket is as easy as...


Select an event you would like to attend.


When you find the event you will like to attend, simply select number of ticket and click on Purchase.


Enter your contact information if you are using our app for the first time. Otherwise simply press checkout.

Our Promise

We offer safe and reliable way of selling event tickets and promoting events.

Organizers can organizer a successful event in 4 simple steps


Setup your account to create an event. For security purposes we verify all of our organizers.

Create an Event

Create an Event by providing event details along with ticket details.

Set Event Live

Set your event live before start time.


Start checking in attendees by scanning tickets qr code or by simply entering the ticket number.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I publish an event?

To publish event you have to be verified first. To get verified contact us at contact@karyagram.com

Do I need an account to purchase a ticket?

No, you don't need an account to purchase a ticket. But we highly recommended that you do for better user experience.

Is tickets refundable?

You will need to contact your respective organizer for their refund policy. We allow organizers to set their own refund policies.

How do I create tickets?

You will be asked to add tickets to your events when you complete your New Event form. When creating tickets, you must decide(specify) if it will be a free or paid event. On the Quantity field, you must enter the total amount of tickets you have. You must also let the users know how many tickets you want your audience to buy at each time by entering the minimum and maximum amount.